• August 27th Stroud Fringe – children’s comedy
  • August 5th   Leicester Square Theatre
  • September 6th Feature poet, Wordsearch Live! The Brook, Wallington
  • October 12th Life’s a Caba-rachel – Birmingham Comedy Festival, 7.30pm
  • October 24th Life’s a Caba-rachel – Women in Comedy Festival, Manchester – Tribeca






2 thoughts on “Upcoming gigs

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I attended your pilot performance of The Strangest Sandwich in the World at Sutton Library on Saturday with my son and daughter (we were on the front row to your right!). We absolutely loved it!! They’ve both been talking about it all weekend. They particularly enjoyed ‘In the back of the car’ and adding their own ingredients to the strangest sandwich in the world. My daughter loved hiding the dragon too.

    The only suggestion I have is that the section where you invite children to read out their own poem or little story might be something you could advertise before the show. That way, kids could be prepared and bring something with them. I suppose the problem with that though is that you’ll be inundated with bits of paper and loads of eager performers wanting to get up and do their thing!

    Thanks for a fab half an hour in Sutton library. What better place to do your pilot and I’m so glad we were there to see it.

    Good luck with the other shows and my kids want to buy your book. When will it be available please?!


    Jayne Winch


    1. Hi Jayne – thanks for the lovely comments, there was a little miscommunication that went on before the show so the advertising of the open mic part had a little glitch! Rest assured in the future shows there is an additional workshop that children can join and then be part of the show in a group poem we will practice and I’m hoping to go to schools and community settings where I can work with children on their poems before performing – it was a pilot on Saturday so a little more spontaneous than I had hoped but I hope they enjoyed getting up anyway! The book will be available soon if you email me on rachelsambrooks@gmail.com I will send you a link when it is published in the next couple of weeks. Take a look at http://www.suttontheatres.com as well in case you can come to the workshop and/or extended show 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely feedback so glad they are talking about it and loving a bit of poetry!


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