To Edinburgh….with in tent

Well I am having my last minute Edinburgh flaps – as usual I have booked a campsite, but this is about 8 miles away from hereScreenshot 2015-08-10 11.54.08…..which is where my show is. And I’ll be in a tent again, probably in the rain. So I panicked and booked a halls of residence for a couple of days. This is because Edinburgh will do what it usually does to me at the Fringe:

Day 1: Everyone seems 20 years younger than me and probably is. I panic. I miss everyone. I try my best. My tent is damp and I’m scared of the midges.

Day 2: Morning is lovely in the great outdoors, have met old friends, sorted out, had a warming tipple and done a couple of shows and spots. Excited!

Day 3: Everyone is definitely 20 years younger than me and far richer as I have spent my final dosh on a slap up meal. It stops raining long enough for me to wring out my wellies.

Day 4; Am now hiring myself out as a mime on the Royal Mile.

Day 5; See an amazing comedian! Be inspired by spoken word! Never want to go home!

Day 6: More than 5 people come to the show. Am too speechless to do show. (not really… ahem)

Day 7: Why did I say I’d drive home? Why did I stay up all night again?

But most people on social media will be all….It’s amazing! I smashed it! 5 Stars!

But I expect it will be a rollercoaster ride again. And again at least part of the time will be spent in a tent.


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