What a lot of fun!

Sutton Library pilot show
At Sutton Library pilot show

What a great time we had on Saturday in Sutton Library at the pilot of ‘The Strangest Sandwich in the world and other silly stuff’! I’m now updating this website/blog, the book will be available in the next couple of weeks and it will be fantastic to bring the show to more kids.  I experimented with audience juggling and I think we’ll keep that in but add more juggling balls! I’m thinking up more games and great ways to get the audience involved too as we all had SO much fun. Thanks to everyone who came.

The summer is packed with Strange Sandwiches as I’m off to Sutton Theatres to do a workshop and show at the Charles Cryer 4-8th August and Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival 16-23rd August. Can’t wait til the book arrives too!


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